USAID – Taqadum Weekly Report, D 415, July 13 -19, 2016

On July 13, Najaf’s Sewer Directorate, supported by GSP/ Taqadum and in coordination with the Directorates of Water, Municipality, and Municipalities, hosted a public meeting on Najaf’s Standardized Streamlined Service Procedures for Water,Sewer, Municipalities, and Municipality Directorates, developed with GSP/Taqadum’s assistance and aimed at improving service delivery to citizens. Here, Governor Luay Al-Yaseri opens the meeting by stating to the more than 125 citizens and officials gathered, “Standardized Streamlined Service Procedures will facilitate the PC members’ monitoring role of services provided by provincial Directorates. GSP/Taqadum has a clear and effective imprint on local government work. The project staff worked as true Najaf citizens to serve the province and put the local government on the right track.”