The 2017 rains proved to the citizens of the Amara City of Maysan that they no longer need to be fearful of backed up sewage or rainwater flooding. The rainy season has passed and, unlike previous years, there was no fl ooding, thanks to the maintenance of 14,500 meters of sewer pipes. Sewer maintenance is normally contracted out to private companies. Up until October 2016, the sewer network had not been maintained in preparation for the rainy season due to fi nancial constraints. The Sewer Directorate in Maysan did not have the funds to contract out sewer maintenance, and feared this would result in backed up sewage and poor storm water drainage in the upcoming rainy season.

The sewer maintenance was the result of the directorate’s Service Delivery Improvement Plan (SDIP), developed with technical assistance from GSP/Taqadum. One of the solutions in the SDIP called for securing funds for the necessary sewer maintenance. The directorate presented its case to the Governor’s Offi ce and the Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Public Municipalities, demonstrating the need for the funds and how in the long run proper sewer maintenance prevents the need for more costly repairs in the future. The Ministry agreed and provided $70,000 in emergency funds to cover the cost of the maintenance. The sewer maintenance in late 2016 ensured that 2017 rains would be welcomed, not feared.


Maysan Sewer Directorate secured $70,000 in necessary funds for maintenance of 14,500 meters of sewer pipes in Amara City