The children whose home is Al-Adhameyah Orphanage in Baghdad are excited about ongoing renovations and repairs that have been made possible thanks to the generosity of the community. Recently, the Directorate of Labor and Social Affairs (DOLSA) held a public meeting, in cooperation with GSP/Taqadum, to share the Service Delivery Improvement Plan (SDIP) for orphanages. One of the solutions proposed in the SDIP included coordination with local and international organizations to secure the resources necessary to repair and renovate the orphanages. Outreach efforts and coordination with NGOs, the private sector, and citizens proved to be very successful in securing the badly needed assistance. There was a strong response by organizations and private citizens who donated time and materials to improve the orphanage and bring smiles to the children’s faces.

The building that houses Al-Adhameyah Orphanage was built in the 1950s, and had last been renovated in 2001. The entire building needed to be repainted, the outdoor area needed to be cleaned of rubble and made into a play area, electrical and plumbing repairs were required, new furniture was needed, and the orphanage was lacking in space. Despite the enormity of the job, the heat, and long days of fasting in Ramadan, all the work is almost completed.

Kia Motors in Baghdad donated swings for the playground and two caravans to add space to orphanage, and Al-Merjan Company donated all the necessary paint for indoors and outdoors. Volunteers from the NGO Basmat Al-Amal (Arabic for Imprint of Hope) cleaned out the rubble, painted indoors and the external walls and curbs. The walls are now adorned with bright colors and fun paintings, and the outdoor area has been transformed into a garden and playground. Professionals from the community have made necessary repairs, particularly to the plumbing in the bathroom and to the air conditioning units.

On May 31, USAID COR Mr. Abdul Kareem Kasim joined GSP/Taqadum Service Delivery Specialist Mr. Uday Mohammed and met with Headmaster Ms. Iman Nasir to check on the progress of the renovations and repairs. Ms. Nasir has taken the lead on coordination with international and local organizations, as well as private citizens from the community, to make the Al-Adhameyah dream a reality. Mr. Kasim commented on the importance of caring for the underprivileged and commended Ms. Nasir and her team, GSP/Taqadum’s team, the volunteers, and the organizations that made donations on their commitment to such an important cause.

Ms. Nasir stated that they plan to hold an Open House in Ramadan to showcase the new look of the orphanage. High level officials from Baghdad are expected to be in attendance.

Photos of the renovations have been posted on the orphanage’s Facebook page: LINK