Engaging youth in community activities and local governance is an important part of developing future leaders. In Babil, eight Youth Activation Committees (YACs) have been established across four districts. YACs are coordinating with local government to implement volunteer activities for the good of their communities. The YACs were established with the assistance of GSP/Taqadum as part of the Service Delivery Improvement Plan for the Youth and Sport Sector.

In May, youth of varying ages from the Neel sub-district participated in a volunteer cleanup campaign organized by the local YAC. The youth planned and conducted the campaign in coordination with the sub-district government of Neel, particularly the municipality. All of the individuals who worked on the campaign, which was conducted under the slogan Volunteer Clean-up Campaigns are an Indication of a Sophisticated Society, were volunteers. This campaign was well-received by other YACs in Babil, who are now in the process of planning similar campaigns in their respective areas.

One of the Neel YAC volunteers shared their event on Facebook: LINK
In Qasim sub-district, the YAC participated in the weekly Knowledge Path Festival by putting on a play in the mobile theater. The play focused on developing a sense of responsibility among youth towards community needs and raising youth awareness of community issues.
The Babil Directorate of Youth and Sport shared the event on their Facebook page: LINK

The activities undertaken by the YACs in Neel and Qasim sub-districts are significant achievements for Babil because they represent the first time youth activities have been conducted in Babil on a solely volunteer basis and in coordination with the local government. The YACs are now becoming well-known to the community and gaining popularity, and are more likely to be sustainable than previous youth committees that quickly fade away.