Public Policy Development

Public Policy can be defined as the basic principles, which guides the government, and it describes the goals that the government is seeking to achieve and maintain in order to achieve the interests of the people.

According to the previous definition we can define three parties that contributes to the process of preparing public policy:

  1. Citizens
  2. The elected representatives of the people
  3. Executive Body

Law 21 as amended allocated the national public policy developments to the ministries and local policy developments to the provincial councils. Because policy development in various sectors will be an important role of the provincial government, GSP/Taqadum- will train provincial councils and provincial planning and development council (PPDC) in understanding the principles of policy development to enable them to develop provincial sectoral policies in conformance with national policies.

GSP/Taqadum conducts workshops to Provincial Council members and staff plus Provincial Planning and Development Councils to train on the public policy concept and development in the 15 provinces.