Implementation of decentralization requires a sound legal environment that addresses transfer from centralization into decentralization. GSP/Taqadum succeeded to build consensus among 10 governorates to draft amendments to 35 conflicting laws with decentralization (including 131 articles) and have Provincial Councils, and/or Governor’s Offices send official letters to the Council of Ministers and/or the Council of Representatives during FY2015. In addition, GSP/Taqadum assisted the Governor’s Offices and directorates in defining their roles, responsibilities, authorities, and working relations through on-the-job training and institutionalizing it through written policy. Ultimately, GSP/Taqadum will assist national and provincial governments with both executive and legislative branches to develop and institutionalize through local legislation the monitoring roles, responsibilities, and accountability framework among them.

Wasit Youth and Sport provincial directorate legal staff and GSP/Taqadum’s Legal Specialist discussing the Legal Counseling function