A guide to the Government Debt Collection Law No. 56 of 1977, as amended, which guarantees the preservation and maintenance of public funds and the collection of government debts from the debtors to enable public facilities to operate in a stable manner so individuals can enjoy public services. This guide clarifies the Law’s most important ongoing amendments, as well as the instructions and controls it contains regarding: 1) the scope of law application; 2) debtor warning, arrest, seizure and selling of property, and imprisonment procedures and supporting laws; 3) enforcement instructions; 4) Inclusion Law No. 31 of 2015 provisions; and 5) pertinent decisions by the: a) Council of Ministers; b) Revolution Command Council (dissolved); c) Coalition Provisional Authority (regarding development of judicial proceedings related to religious disputes No. 78 of 2004); and d) of the relevant courts and the State Consultative Council.