A comprehensive and an important reference for the local governments and Governors to manage local affairs consistently in order to provide the best quality and quantity of services to Iraq’s citizens. This manual provides substantial support to Governors to manage provincial affairs and transferred directorates, functions, and responsibilities following implementation of administrative decentralization at the local level in accordance with Article 45 of the Provinces Not Incorporated into a Region Law No. 21 of 2008, as amended. This manual includes: 1) the identification of all activities and legal provisions related to all functions, competences, and authorities of the Governors whether: a) as stated in the Constitution of Iraq for the year 2005; b) as stated in the abovementioned Article 45; or c) as stated in the rest of the laws in force – whether these authorities are supervisory, investigatory, administrative, legal, financial, or related to security, managing the Governor’s Office and its Administrative Unit, or transferred directorates. This manual also includes a summary of the most important Constitutional Articles, laws, legislations (groups of related laws), Federal Supreme Court and State Shura Council decisions.