ARDP Accelerated Reconstruction Development Plan
CFO Coordination and Follow-up Office
COM Council of Ministers
COMSEC Council of Ministers’ Secretariat
COP Chief of Party
COR Council of Representatives
CORRPC Council of Representatives Regions and Provinces Committee
CSCCivil Service Council
CSD Citizen Services Desk
CSO Civil Society Organization
CSS Citizen Satisfaction Survey
DG Director General
DMAP Decentralization Mapping and Analysis Plan
ESDO Essential Service Delivery Oversight
FAD Financial Affairs Directorate
FMIS Financial Management Information System
FTT Field Technical Team
GAF Gap Analysis Form
GAT Gap Analysis Template
GO Governor’s Office
GOI Government of Iraq
GSP Governance Strengthening Project
GSP/TaqadumGovernance Strengthening Project/GSPTaqadum
HCCP High Commission for Coordination between Provinces
HCCPSECHigh Commission for Coordination between Provinces’ Secretariat
HR Human Resources
IBMERInvestment Budget Monthly Execution Report
ICI Intergovernmental Coordination Implementation
ICIP Intergovernmental Coordination Implementation Plan
IDP Internally Displaced Person
IEA Iraq Economists Association
ILA Implementer’s Letter of Agreement
IOG Institute on Governance (Canadian-funded)
IOM International Organization for Migration
ISF Iraqi Security Forces
IS Islamic State
ISIL The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
IT Information Technology
Law 21 Provincial Powers Act (2008) or “Transfer of Functions” Law, calling for
decentralization of the government and the transfer of suitable ministerial
“functions” to the provincial governments
LRU Local Revenue Unit
M&E Monitoring and Evaluation
MOA Ministry of Agriculture
MOCHPM Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Public Municipalities
M&O Monitoring and Oversight
MOE Ministry of Education
MOF Ministry of Finance
MOH Ministry of Health
MOLSA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
MOP Ministry of Planning
MOSGA Ministry of State for Governorates’ Affairs
MOYS Ministry of Youth and Sport
MMPW Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
OD Organizational Development
PC Provincial Council
PM Prime Minister
PMAC Prime Minister’s Advisory Commission
PPDC Provincial Planning and Development Councils
PPP Public-Private Partnership
PMU Provincial Mobilization Units
SAB Supreme Audit Board
SD Service Delivery
SDI Service Delivery Improvement
SDIP Service Delivery Improvement Plan
SDIPDC Service Delivery Improvement Plan Development Committee
SDIPIC Service Delivery Improvement Plan Implementation Committee
SDPS Service Delivery Performance Standards
SDSR Service Delivery Status Report
SLIT Sub-legislation Implementation Tracking
SMART Specific-Measureable-Achievable-Realistic-Timebound
SOPs Standard Operating Procedures
SOW Scope of Work
SPMS Standard Performance Management System
SS Success Story
STTAShort-term Technical Assistant
SWOT Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats
TA Technical Assistance
Taqadum Arabic for “moving forward”
TD Treasury Department
TCMS Trash Collection Management System
TTF Technical Task Force
USAID United States Agency for International Development
USG United States Government