Alsumaria News, June 12: Diyala Governor, Mr. Muthanna al-Timimi issued an administrative order to suspend Agriculture Directorate Director, Mr. Mohammed Najeeb and some of the directorate’s section managers from work due to administrative and legal violations in the agricultural land contracts and agricultural bank loans files. Al-Tamimi added that he is constantly following up the work of the directorates and stated, "I will work to hold the Directorates and Directors accountable and take appropriate actions against the ones who will be found negligent in the performance of the tasks assigned to them in accordance with laws in force."

On May 21, the Council of Representatives Agriculture and Water Committee revealed the largest case of fraud in the history of Diyala in the province's Agriculture Directorate. It demanded an immediate suspension of agricultural loans and an urgent investigation to prevent waste of tens of billions of dinars.


Diyala Governor Mr. Muthanna al-Timimi