Alsumaria News, May 21:During GSP/Taqadum Decentralization Legacy conference held in Baghdad, National Alliance Chair, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim called for the formation of executive councils in the provinces stressing the need to form a body to monitor the distribution of federal revenues to the provinces. "Opportunity should be given to provinces for the successful transfer of authorities and administrative decentralization. These executive councils will coordinate between the different provincial directorates and facilitate the executive procedures under the laws and regulations in force. A higher council should be set up to stimulate, plan, and identify opportunities for investment in each province chaired by Governor and membership of relevant directorates,” said Mr. al-Hakim.

He also said it is necessary to amend Law 21 to define clearly the authorities of Heads of Administrative Units whose authorities are not clear and who lost their responsibilities. He urged the formation of Local Service Councils in the provinces under the Federal Service Law to regulate the provincial affairs.

Mr. al-Hakim called for the completion of the transfer of authorities as stipulated by Law 21, which requires great efforts and diligent work. He had previously said he would "strongly" support the reduction of the number of Provincial Council members, explaining that these councils are service-oriented and there is no need to have such a large number of members.


Al-Hakeem called for the formation of Executive Councils to act as coordinators between service directorates in the provinces and to facilitate executive procedures during the GSP/Taqadum Legacy Conference