Al-Sumaria News, May 3: Ministry of Education (MOE) issued a statement on the delay of teachers’ salaries noting that "other entities" are responsible for this, and confirmed its commitment to paying its administrative staff’ salaries in time within MOE’s financial jurisdictions. Minister of Education, Mr. Mohammed Iqbal, said, "Teachers’ salaries issue was settled by Article 45 of Law 21 of 2008. The administrative, financial, and legal authorities and functions were transferred under Ministerial Order No. 2687 dated Feb. 14, regarding the operational budget of the General Directorate of Education in light of the State Federal Public Budget Law, instructions issued thereunder, and operationalization of current accounts at the competent banks. Thus, the salaries will be paid by the provinces in accordance with the aforementioned law.” Teachers in Baghdad and provinces have been complaining about the delay of salaries since April, which used to be paid on the 25th of each month at the latest. The educators’ families have been affected by this problem since January.


Note. The Administration and Financial Affairs Directorates (AFADs) in the provinces since their establishment in the provinces have performed professionally and effectively in managing salaries, leaves, promotions, and retirement for about 500,000 employees from education, health, and agriculture directorates which were transferred with the 2017 Federal Budget. However, AFADs found discrepancies in reconciling the positions roster send by ministries via MOF and the actual staff in these directorates. As far the issue of Baghdad province with the teachers’ salaries is due to a lack of adequate staff in AFAD for managing four large education directorates in Baghdad. During the May 2nd of GSP/Taqadum's meeting with both Baghdad’s newly elected Governor and the PC Chair, this issue was discussed, and the Governor has begun taking effective measures to solve this problem.