MOLSA Facebook, April 4: On April 4-5, in cooperation with GSP/Taqadum, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA) Vocational Training Section held a workshop for 36 representatives from the Labor directorates in 15 provinces to discuss Labor Law No. 37 of 2015. MOLSA spokesperson, Mr. Ammar Mun’im, said the following topics had been addressed in the workshop: 1) Labor Law in detail, especially the rights of employees, mechanism of work and training, and the large numbers of job seekers and their engagement in the labor market; 2) The requirements and instructions for opening vocational training centers; 3) Formation of High Committee for Planning and (Labor Force) Employment by Council of Ministers’ (COM’s) resolution, chaired by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs with membership from relevant ministries, and labor organizations to formulate Employment and Vocational Training public policy; 4) Working hours; 5) Labor contracts, especially if a worker does not possess a professional certificate proving their skills in the work assigned to them.

Mr. Mun’im indicated that: a) this workshop would be followed by three other workshops to build the capacities of the provincial directorates in performing the functions transferred from the ministry; b) the ministry registers the job seekers in a unified database, shows their qualifications, and trains those wishing to perform certain occupations that meet the needs of the labor market; c) the ministry issues licenses for the establishment of employment offices; d) the enactment of this law confirms the Constitution principles that: Labor is a right for all Iraqis to ensure a dignified life; The state seeks to provide the widest social securities; and the law will regulate the relationship between employees and employers on economic bases.


MOLSA and GSP/Taqadum conduct training on Labor Law