MOLSA WEBSITE, MAR. 28: On Mar. 27-29, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA) took part in the Service Delivery (SD) Procedures Streamlining workshop held by GSP/Taqadum in Erbil. High Committee Chairs and MOLSA Social Protection Commission representatives from Baghdad and other provinces attended the event. According to MOLSA spokesperson, Mr. Ammar Mun’im, the workshop focused on SD procedures streamlining, formulating a unifi ed policy, and drawing process maps based on practical and sequential steps after determining the service delivery procedures. Mr. Mun’im pointed out that the workshop aimed at 1) easing the procedures for eligible citizens, especially those below the poverty line, and considering grant of social protection allowances to them under Social Protection Law 11 of 2014; and 2) building public employees’ capacity in dealing with citizens to speed up their daily work and meet their requirements.

The participants discussed completing the logistical, technical, and financial procedures for transition to the second stage of the enforcement of Social Protection Law 11 of 2014 under which money is granted to the families covered by the education and health social subsidy system. MOLSA has formed a team along with UNICEF and World Bank representatives who visited center and south provinces to check education and health statuses.


MOLSA participating in SD Procedures Streamlining workshop held by GSP/ Taqadum