Rusafa I GDOE Facebook, Feb. 21: Baghdad Rusafa I General Directorate of Education held a public meeting to discuss the draft Service Delivery Improvement Plan (SDIP) in cooperation with GSP/Taqadum. It was attended by Technical Deputy Governor, Mr. Jasim al- Bukhati, Governor Assistant, Mr. Sabir al-Misary, Provincial Council (PC) member, Mr. Thabit al-Therib, and A’dhamiya District Mayor, and others. 

Education Director General, Dr. Falah al-Qaisy, opened the meeting, stressing the necessity to improve the educational, administrative, and humanitarian services of the Directorate to: 1) facilitate administration and make it successful; 2) accomplish citizens’ paperwork in contemporary and honest manners (financially and administratively incorruptible). “The Directorate is looking forward to furthering advancement and progress,” said Dr. al-Qaisy. In addition, he talked about “Our School, Our Home”

DOE experience with its positive and good results, where free services had been provided for educational institutions. Likewise, he thanked the school administrations for their great national role in the “No Thirst” campaign where water was donated to Mosul residents, and he called on them to launch a new campaign to support Mosul Library by collecting books and giving them to the University of Mosul.

The Committee discussed how to improve services and overcome obstacles in this regard. The following individuals are members of the SDIP Committee: 1) Mr. Abdul Bassit al-Izzi/ Chair; 2) Mr. Wathiq Tariq/ Member; 3) Mr. Abdul-Shaheed Jawad/ Member; 4) Mr. Maan Shaker/ Member; and 5) Mr. Abdul-Kareem Inad/ GSP/Taqadum Advisor.


Baghdad Rusafa I General Education Directorate and GSP/Taqadum discussing SDIP in the SDIP public meeting