International Point Light News Agency, Dec. 19: GSP/Taqadum sponsored a Financial Reports Requirements workshop in Erbil for the six provinces of Anbar, Baghdad, Diyala, Kirkuk, Ninawa, and Salah ad Din that provided training to staff of the decentralized entities covered by Article 45 that will have their allocations transferred to the provinces. The preparation of records and financial reports, in accordance with the Ministry of Finance requirements was reviewed, with a focus on the importance of transferring allocations to the devolved government entities.

During this workshop, GSP/Taqadum stressed that the provincial directorates that were financed by the general directorates at the ministries will be regarded as sections within the provincial budget. It is essential that once a budget circular is issued that each of these entities visit the Administrative and Financial Affairs Directorate to obtain documents, books, records and open current accounts."

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Six provinces participating in GSP/ Taqadum Financial Reports Requirements workshop in Erbil